The holiday season is just around the corner! Yeah, let’s all celebrate and eat lots of good food. But if you are like me, you are thinking about your business at the holiday table. As everyone is cutting up turkey and watching the game, you are thinking about your website analytics, shipping problems, or social media posts.

However, that is not what the holidays are about. As entrepreneurs, we are always thinking about our business. But we deserve a break as well. Here are some ways I will be maintaining work/life balance during the holiday season.

Meetings and collaborations STOP after THANKSGIVING!: I have made it clear with fellow entrepreneurs that I will not be holding meetings between Thanksgiving and January 1st. I know I will be traveling and instead of promising things I cannot deliver, I will stop and give myself a break.

Content Written Before Thanksgiving: I am working all day, everyday, to make sure content is written before Thanksgiving. Not only written, but edited and scheduled with photos.

Social Media Posts: This is when having an intern helps. They (the interns) create posts for December beforehand. Find the photos and create the captions.

Check Emails Occasionally: Check emails Monday-Wednesday during the holidays. Do not check on your family holidays. For me that is Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas.

Write Out Your Live Scripts: I know I will be traveling during the holidays. So for my Motivational Monday Snapchat, instead of winging it, I will be writing a script beforehand that will be easy to do, while on a plane.

The name of the game, is to be prepared. Don’t add more stress to your life. This is a time to be grateful for your family and friends.