As functioning adults, we always aim to be organized. We spend hours watching Marie Kondo, Queer Eye, and endless YouTube videos – all in hopes that we will be organized. We want to be organized because living amongst clutter can bring unnecessary stress to our lives. Waking up and knowing you have so much stuff, just reminds you of another thing you still have to do. It’s enough to make you just stay in bed.

I grew up in a Mexican-American household. My parents kept their house clean, but they love to have multiples of things such as perfume, lotion, toothpaste, etc. It comes from growing up poor. My husband sees this habit in his mother too. How many cans of soup does one person need?

When I moved out, at 18, I couldn’t have multiple things – I was a poor college student. I learned that one good bottle of lotion was enough. This mindset, with the lessons of keeping a clean house, came with me as I got older. However, I also started to buy more clothes. I love trying out new looks, but I don’t want to keep a closet of things I am not going to wear anymore. So how do I keep my closet organized and still feed my love for clothes? Well, let me tell you.

Donate monthly – For everything I buy, there is usually one thing I can get rid of. Trust me, there is. From clothes that just don’t fit anymore, to things that have holes- you have items you can get rid of.

Move things around – Winter scarves can go in a bin in your closet during the summer, and move the light jackets to the forefront. I moved my winter sweaters from my closet to my drawers, so I see them every day, as it got colder. This allows you to see what you have, and also makes getting dressed in the morning easier.

Identify your clutter and THEN buy organizational tools – I would put my jewelry in a jewelry box, and every time we move, it would just take up space. There was nowhere to put it, properly. I also don’t wear too much jewelry. So I ordered a jewelry organizer that hangs in my closet. This allows me to see my earrings and bracelets and helps me put a whole outfit together. Also, I didn’t spend money on organization tools I didn’t need.

Organize by color or product – I keep my dresses to one side of the closet, and my shirts to the other side. I can see every day, that I need more shirts, and that I need more winter dresses. I don’t need any more black shirts, and I can use more green ones. If everything was just a mix bag, you will not see all the things you have to get rid of.

Grab some Rosé, put on a podcast, and get to organizing.