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Fall is here and you know what that means- fashion week. Fashion weeks all around the world are about to take place.

As a guest or press for fashion week, you don’t have time to run home and put on a new full face of makeup for every show. However, honey, it’s fashion week you might want to change your look a bit depending on the mood of the show and the designer. Our Los Angeles based makeup artist, Adria Craig, suggested artistry’s makeup wipes.

“They aren’t harsh at all and get the most difficult makeup off in a snap,” she shares.

All of the following looks are easy to do while in a car with a mirror and a small makeup bag.

Craig tells us it’s best to start off with lighter makeup earlier in the day; making it darker as the day goes on is a bold and doable choice.

“I suggest a simple wingtip eye with some light lipstick and allow your clothes to speak more than your makeup. As the day progresses, add a pop of color, just a single bright color is very in, think 80’s glam but remember you are not in an 80’s band so don’t go over the top,” Craig shares.

getting ready for fashion week epifania magazine

Now, for the late afternoon shows try something dramatic with your eyeliner. Egyptian eyeliner is a dramatic look that is also unique as most people don’t do it. Pair that Egyptian eyeliner with a dark lip and you will be sure to wow.

However, if you can’t do the Egyptian eyeliner, a classic 1920’s smokey eye will do the trick. Pair it with a bright lip and a bold outfit that will help you slay the room.

“Sephora $15 eyeliner will do the trick for both looks, or you can use Kat Von De $22 eyeliner. For your lips, Sephora has a range of colors from red to metallic blue”, shared Craig.

Final tip. Remember fashion week is an art show. You get to decide what type of art you want to be.