In my travels, I have stayed in a few hostels. Especially when I am traveling solo, it’s a great place to meet people, learn about a city and let’s face it; you save some money. Being a good hostel guest is similar to being a good roommate.

First, communicate with your hostel mates about your morning or evening routines. For the most part, everyone is out during the day. But it’s those late or early hours, that can cause discomfort. For example, when I was in Seattle, I let the girls I was staying with know I had an early morning flight. To let them know that there will be noise and lights.

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Two, remember that you are sharing the space. Keep your stuff in one corner. Ask if it’s okay. If you need to hang anything up, just don’t take up the whole closet. With this being said, you know you are staying in a hostel. Therefore, don’t overpack and bring multiple suitcases.

Three, abide by the hostel rules. Let’s be honest; when you are traveling, you might come in late. Some hostels have a 24-hour front desk person, or they give you a key, or they have an access code. Ask about check in and check out. So you are not waiting in the cold or heat at 2 am if you like your hostel mates, exchange phone numbers so you can let each other in.

hostel epifania magazine

Now I am pretty open-minded about casual flings or vacation hookups. However, I don’t need to or want to see a random naked person in the late night or hear sex. So I put it out there. I let my mates know that I am okay with night guests, just let me know, and I will go to the shared space. Also, if there is a night I need good sleep, I will tell them that those nights are a no-go. If you do find yourself in the joint space, take your wallet, passport, and any valuables. You don’t know their guests. You may not be very flexible, which is fine. For the most part, people don’t bring evening guests.

My final tip isn’t really about being a good hostel mate. It’s about knowing yourself. If you are a light sleeper, please don’t stay at a hostel. You will hear street noises, lights, people snoring, etc. Things you cannot control, so why put yourself in that situation. I suggest a quiet Airbnb or a hotel.

If you think you are a suitable roommate, you will be a good hostel mate.