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Remember to showcase the views.

Financial experts say you need multiple sources of income. In the Bay Area, this is very true. If we just relied on our jobs, we would all have to stay in and live 10 people to a room. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the picture.

With that being said, Nick and I are always thinking of creative ways to earn a little bit more pocket change. So, we decided to be AirBNB hosts. If you don’t know what AirBNB is, it’s a website that lets you find  homes to stay in instead of a hotel. It saves you money and builds a better sense of community.

After having a handful of guests and staying at some AirBNB’s ourselves, here are some tips to be a good, or dare I say, great, host.

  • Leave a detailed document of all the house rules, including how to work the WI-FI, the DVD player, the shower, etc. Some guests come from other countries and are going to need details. 
  • Stay in communication with them, especially if you are a not there. Ask them, “how’s your day?”or “do you need anything?” It shows that you want them to feel comfortable. 
  • Purchase extra pillows, pillowcases and sheets. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I didn’t want people sleeping on my pillows. Plus, guests don’t want to sleep on other’s people’s pillows.
  • Remember to wash the pillowcases and sheets after EVERY GUEST.  
  • Purchase those $1 bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. We all have traveled and forgotten things. 
  • Give the bathroom a good clean. 
  • Take out all the trash before they come. 
  • Leave out fun items such as board games, books, or magazines. 
  • If your place is traditionally cold and they are coming during the winter; make sure to have extra blankets and a heater. 
  • If your place is traditionally hot and they are coming during the summer; make sure to have AC and lots of fans.

Now remember, it is your home. So keep private information safe. Put it in a locked closet, safe, the trunk of your car, wherever. Let’s all be safe here.

Finally, think of all the times you have traveled and what made you comfortable. Also remember your place isn’t a hotel, and you don’t need to change things to make it feel like a hotel. It’s your home and you are opening up your home to other human beings.

Hugs and Smiles,

Editor’s Note: I also want to take this time out to express my gratitude to the AirBNB team. They are responsive and informative. Good customer service!