Earlier this year, I did the impossible. I got a…A DAY GIG. Not a side gig, a full-time 9 to 5 day gig. I haven’t worked a traditional job in a year. I used this last year to focus on the magazine and finish graduate school. I changed industries, as well, from the nonprofit sector to the corporate sector.

These are my tips on how to balance a day gig, with your hussle.

Monday-Wednesday Nights: Dedicate these nights to get work done. Content creation, social media, emails, etc. There are usually not a lot of events going on during these nights so it makes it easier for you to focus.



DO NOT LEAVE IT FOR THE WEEKEND: To follow up on the previous tip, do not leave your business just for the weekends. You will get overwhelmed and upset. You have a personal life. Enjoy it.

Continue To Network: Let’s face it, some day gigs are uninspiring. You need to make time to attend monthly or bi-weekly events. This will help you to continue to build your circle and find inspiration amongst like-minded people.

Cut Yourself Some Slack: You will want to beat yourself up, because you might forget to do something. However, there is no need to beat yourself up. Everything takes times and process.

Now remember not every day gig has to be horrible. I strongly suggest you find something that somewhat relates to what your business is about. That way you can build your skill set.

Keep grindin’ my friends. We got this.

Hugs and Smiles,