When Snapchat came into the world, I (like most 30 somethings) had no interest in this social media app.

However, slowly but surely, the app moved away from an app for teens to send nudes, to an app where content creators can engage with their audience in real time.

The engagement is what drew me to it. People watch your 3 to 9 seconds snaps. All that they have to do is watch. You are not asking them to comment, share or anything. It is a simple ask. There isn’t anything else that is taking their attention. When they are watching your snap, they cannot see the feed of other people’s snaps.

Here are some ways I use Snapchat for the magazine.

  1. Show My Personal Life: I chose to show parts of my personal life. I know supporters would want to know me and then they will support the magazine. I show things that are relevant to the magazine and my personal brand.
  2. Give Value: I chose certain days, (Mondays and Wednesday) to give advice on certain topics. For example, on Wednesday, I showed how to do an Oatmeal Honey Facial Mask.
  3. Create A Calendar: This helps you out more than the readers. Stick with a schedule and you will see what people like to watch.
  4. Hand The Mic: Takeovers and interviews are amazing. It’s another way to give content to your viewers. I just one day out of the week to have takeovers.

Snapchat is not a teen app. It’s a company that lends the way to live stream. Now we have Instagram Stories and Facebook My Day.

So get to snapping.