Let me start this by stating that I am not a diet guru. I am not a fitness coach. I love chocolate, chips, and ice cream. I work out whenI remember to. So with that being said, I did not give up fast food for fitness reasons.

When I say fast food, I am talking about McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell, Jack-In-The-Box, and so on. For the last ten years, my fast food consumption has been on a decline- to the point of nonexistence.

I ate fast food growing up. As a treat, my parents would take us to McDonald’s. I mean who doesn’t like the toy in the Happy Meal? However, as I got older, I started to get sick from McDonald’s. I couldn’t hold down their burgers. So I switched to the chicken McNuggets; those started to make me queasy. Then, I started to eat Burger King chicken stripes.

For a while, that worked. However, I noticed, that most fast foods made me throw up. Taco Bell tacos, Kentucky Fried Chicken chicken, and any burgers would end up in the toilet. I could only really eat the french fries, mash potatoes, and ice cream.

So that leads me to my first reason of giving up fast food. It made me sick. I already have a sensitive stomach; I decided that, at 20 years old, enough was enough. I don’t need to be best friends with the toilet anymore.

At 20, I was in college. Like most college students, I was broke. My money went to rent and books. I spent my disposable income on essential things like coffee and gr…don’t hate me now…cigarettes…I said don’t hate me. I wanted to save my money for a $5 mocha treat at the end of the week.

That’s it. I gave up fast food because I hated throwing up and I was broke. Now, at 32, I can eat an In-N-Out burger. I still can only eat McDonald’s french fries and nothing else from their menu. I mean I do sometimes wish I could grab a quick, cheap bite to eat while I am on the go. But I prefer not to get sick. I’ll just buy something at Trader Joe’s for lunch.

I understand people love the convenience of fast food. However, is food supposed to be made that fast? Hmm…