I am from sunny (ish)  California. I love being from such a diverse community such as the Bay Area. We have access to numerous cuisines, we hear multiple languages on the street, and everyone comes to “find” themselves here.  

However, my lovely city of San Francisco is not a fashion capital. We all know the big four, Paris, London, Milan and New York; cities where fashion week is almost a national holiday and the street fashion is superb. Then you have emergencing fashion capitals, such as Berlin and Barcelona, and our So-Cal frenemy, Los Angeles.

San Francisco is just not there yet. I’ve discussed this with fashion bloggers and friends who adore style. You notice a big difference when you go to Europe or New York or I guess now Los Angeles. There is something about the way the clothes fit, and confidence.

However, I do want to say, people in general know how to put on clothes here. We can put together a good outfit and look amazing. We are just collectively missing the “wow” factor.

If San Francisco truly wants to become a fashion capital, we need to step away from the notion that you can combine tech with fashion. It is a novel idea; however, it is hard to accomplish. People go to fashion shows, to see art, and beautiful things; Not to see walking computers.

Secondly, we need to have appreciation for high fashion. We love our street fashion, but have beaten that idea to a pulp. Creative t-shirt and fill in the blank. High fashion, is beautiful art. Art that can inspire a whole new generation of designers.

Finally, we need to do as the Europeans do and dress like you will run into your hot ex on the street. That doesn’t mean expensive or uncomfortable. It means fitted clothes, colors that highlight your skin tone, and keep it simple.

I truly think my home base, has the potential to become a rockin’ fashion capital.