Whether you are an entrepreneur or your company allows you to work remotely, your home doubles as an office. It can be tricky to make your home a productive place. How do you relax and work in the same environment? I struggled with this as a writer, and founder of Epifania. So many things can distract you from dishes to your couch to Netflix.

home office 1

1.    Create an office space.
My desk/office space has always been in the “living room” area. I make sure that my desk faces away from the TV Therefore my back is to the TV., and it’s harder to get distracted from whatever is on. I also pick an area where I get as much natural light as possible, with plenty of windows. Watching life outside the window keeps the creative juices going.

2.    Have artistic distractions.
Take a note from some of the cool Silicon Valley offices: Add some fun distractions to keep you motivated. Writing in front of my laptop can get dull. I am lucky that my place has an indoor swing. I know cool, right? But if your place does not have a swing, set up a small basketball hoop, a mini golf area, a chalkboard wall, canvas and paints – something that is creative that will inspire you to keep working.

3.     Do Not Work In Your Bed.
I had a hard time with this one. I love my bed. It very comfy and warm. But alas, it is not a place to do work. Why? Well if I start working in bed, then I don’t get out of bed until later in the day. I take my shower later, and I just start everything later. You want your bed to be a relaxing place. Not a place of work.

home office 2

4.     No Netflix…or Amazon Prime.
Most people, including myself, need background noise to work. It’s weird to work in silence at home alone. I have found that I need music or a travel show playing in the background to stay productive. I have tried putting on a favorite, like Bridesmaids or The Holiday, because I have seen them so many times that I think I won’t get distracted. But I do. So no movies, no television shows.

5.     Give Yourself Practical Office Hours.
Working from home means you can make your own hours. But that can be tricky. I know for me, that means I can work 24/7, which is very counterproductive, or start my day late. You know when you are the most productive. For example, I start writing and doing magazine tasks at 10 am and go until about 6 pm. I do have a lot of energy at night, but I realized at night, I may have the energy, but I just want to play. Plus, people I need to contact are not up at 10 pm, like me. Giving yourself time to work and time to play is essential to keep the mind going.

Hugs and Smiles,