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Hello all my loves and dolls! Well I am in the middle of reading, The Happiness Project, (I will do a review on it later). But one part of the book really stood out to me and I wanted to share it with you all. The author came up with her own “12 Commandments” and “Secrets of Adulthood”.

Both lists made me think and laugh out loud. I thought to myself if I wrote my own what would they be. I wrote the list, re-wrote it, asked Nick “what about this babe?” I mean it was mini self-discovery moment. So here is my list….enjoy.

Nicole’s 12 Commandments

1) Just smile.

    Note: I tend to smile at everyone. Even strangers. My mom told me I was like this since I was kid. I joke with her and say I was trying to see if someone would take me. But on a serious note, when you smile it makes you feel happier.

2) Be generous.

3) Love is everything.

4) Don’t over think.

5. Be polite…(remember “thank you” and “please”)

6. Start at step 1…always.

7. Be Nicole.

8. Dream your dream.

     Note: This is meant to remind you and myself that your dreams are your dreams. They may not seem glamorous or realistic to some. But it’s your life.

9. Be proud of yourself.

     Note: Now don’t be full of yourself. But everyone has accomplished some amazing things and should be proud of them.

10. Laugh at your mistakes.

      Note: Cause damn it laughing is fun.

11. Share your “wealth”.

       Note: That can mean money, but it can mean connections, love, peace, and knowledge.

12. Mediate.

Secrets of Adulthood…(this list is still in the works.)

© Nicole Moreno-Deinzer 

*People don’t remember your failures or care. It’s just in your head.

*People like to help, so just ask.

*Always drink a glass of water before bed and when you get up.

*Don’t go out if you feel like crap.

     Note: Nick laughed at this and stated, “that is such a girl thing. When guys feel like crap we have to go out and drink.” Oh babe.

*Be nice to people, but you don’t have to like everyone.

*Do something that makes you happy everyday. For me that is reading, writing, traveling, mediating, drinking some good coffee, dancing to NSYNC, etc.

*When the label says, “dry clean” that means you have to take that item to the dry cleaners.

*Everyone has his or her own demons to fight. So if your friend doesn’t get back to you it’s not you. They are just busy.

*Always carry a scarf.

*Always have an extra pair of shoes in your car or bag. Guys I suggest you carry a tie. You never know.

*Your style should grow with you.

*Read something everything. I mean anews article or a book. Not People magazine.

*Tell the people you love you love them at least once a month. Seriously we all know people die…its like common sense. So don’t wait.

This book and these lists are great ways to start off the New Year. Plus it will help with Lent. Nothing gets you more in shape than a religious holiday. BTW, I will be giving up coffee again for this Lent. Must do one more item.

I’m curious to know what your 12 commandants and Secrets of Adulthood will be/are.