2013 I’ve noticed is the year of personal growth. It seems that everyone around me is taking that next step in their life. It can be them settling in his or her career path, marrying their sweetheart, leaving a dull job to find their passion or even smiling more.

Every morning, I wake up, roll over and groan into my pillow (remember I am not a morning person), wish Nick was there so I didn’t have to make my own breakfast (again not a morning person) read my emails, and then check Facebook.

Throughout the day I do what everyone else does. Call people, text people, read LinkedIn, check Twitter, drink too many coffees and work on my own projects.

While doing all this I notice all the wonderful things people are doing.

A cousin signing a contract to play college football.
Friends finding their path in a company after years of watching them work in retail. My sister working on her relationship with her God and working towards a degree while raising three kids. My young AKPSi brothers starting their own companies. Friends marrying for love and not for any other reason. Friends making San Francisco their home and not being afraid to be out there. Friends preparing to leave a job because it doesn’t make them happy anymore and not being afraid to do that. I notice friends taking their time unemployed with a grain of salt and getting back to their passion. Friends taking time out of their day to write inspiring quotes on their Facebook instead of writing about eating a hotdog. The love of my life Nicholas getting A’s on his tests and projects while working full time.

So while I work on graduate school, the wedding and my magazine I realize that I know some pretty cool people.

Writer’s Note: I chose the photo above because I believe it doesn’t matter which road you take in life. It just matters that you and you alone choose the road and enjoy every second of it.