• Affect means influence and Effect means result or cause.
  • If you’re unsure of which to use, substitute either influence or cause into the sentence and that should help.


  • Alluding to something is referring to it.
  • Eluding something is avoiding it.


  • Remember that “can I” implies your ability to do something. For example, I’m sure you have the ability to go to the bathroom when you need to.
  • If it’s permission you’re asking for, the proper phrase is “may I”

Caring less

  • This is a REALLY huge misconception. Saying I could care less is WRONG! If you could care less, you would.
  • The proper phrase is “I couldn’t care less”


  • Good is an adjective; Well is an adverb.
  • Old Blue is a good dog. (Good describes what kind of dog Old Blue is). You’ve trained Old Blue well. (Well describes the training).

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