As I sit down and write this quick update, I am very….for lack of a better word HAPPY. This time last year I was determined to accomplish three things and offer you to witness my ride;

1) Not only marry my best friend but also have an affordable awesome wedding….done!

2) Start my own online magazine. The groundwork is done and now we are just working on the execution.

3) Get into graduate school!….done! I will be officially starting Mills College at the end of the month.

Throughout this crazy year I was able to reach some amazing goals. I am grateful for all the people that have supported me throughout this year.

This year my main focus is to have more fun. Just do things a little different.

So these are not really resolutions more like goals.

1) Establish my first YouTube channel. Something just for me.

2) Continue to read at least one book a month.

3) Accomplish my first 5K in less than an hour, (already signed up for my first one!)

4) Write a blog/article/thought every day.

5) Improve my involvement on my boards.

6) Officially have my online magazine launched.

Remember that you only really have one life. So chose to live it the way you want to. Hate a job…quit. Relationship gone sour, (romantic or not), gracefully leave it. See a problem in your community…be a part of the solution.

I say this often but do things in your life that will make it one hell of a memoir. But the most important thing you can do as a human being…is to love yourself with everything you have and give that love to others. Corny but true.

May all your wishes, dreams, and hopes come true. May all your fears, doubts and negative thoughts vanish in the night.