We as a society have been conditioned to think a certain way about a lot of issues: relationship standards, gender roles and the “right” time to have a baby. One view is that you cannot have friends of the opposite sex. This stems from the idea that people just want to have sex with you. However, I get it, you are just so darn cute that naturally people just want to jump into bed with you.


Nick and I both love making new friends. We will never limit that to the people of our same sex. How boring would that be? He goes out to lunch with his girl friends, and I grab coffee or drinks with my guy friends. And guess what? No one wants to jump into bed with us. I know, I’ll give you a moment to take that in. I mean, we are really, really good looking, but alas, people just want to be our friends.

People can sense when you are in a secure relationship. If they are decent human beings, they are not going to mess with your relationship. If they aren’t, then they are not good friends and you should seriously consider ending your friendship with them.

Jealousy has never been an issue. I know Nick is not gossiping about me to his gal pals. He is seriously eating a burger and talking about school, their relationships and me. Yup, his gal pals love me. I mean, who wouldn’t? 🙂 My guy friends and I discuss relationships, family, their girlfriends and careers. And yes, they ask about Nick. They think he is a pretty cool dude.


You and your partner have to trust one another. If either of you gets jealous, then it is not your friends’ faults. There is something wrong in the relationship. Be honest with one another and yourself. Do not make each other feel bad for having lunch with co-workers, who happen to be of the opposite sex.

There are so many positives with having friends of the opposite sex. My guy friends have taught me to speak more directly and to be okay with my accomplishments. Nick gets great insight on why I react to things and gains some empathic listening skills.

Limiting yourself to same sex friends will hurt you in the workplace. After all, it is 2016. Your co-workers and peers are going to be a mixture of different sexes. You can’t just hang out with girls or guys. You will come off as insecure, sexiest or just plain awkward.


So, as much as we all know how cute you are, I promise, not everyone wants to have sex with you. They just want to be your friend.

Hugs and Smiles,