A few weeks ago, the world was knocked down. One of the “greatest” countries in the world, elected this generation’s Hitler. The United States of America is divided and everyone is picking a team: educated vs. uneducated, white-collar vs. blue-collar, liberal vs. conservative, blue vs. red, etc.

After a day of mourning for our country, I had to work on building up my inner peace. Epifania was built to showcase and remind women that life is a beautiful thing, that every woman can find positivity in their lives. As the founder, I not only owe it to myself, but to the readers to find my inner peace and positivity. I can’t tell you that you should do something if I am not willing to do it myself.

My liberal Facebook feed had numerous calls to actions. So many options to take that it was becoming daunting. How am I am suppose to contribute to the solution while I am fixing myself?

I turned to my good friend, FNA (friends, Nicholas, art).

With the holidays coming up, there are numerous occasions to surround myself with friends. Good people with kind hearts to distract myself from the woes of the world.

Nicholas is a reminder that love does exist. We are able to talk about solutions to the political problems, but also just get lost in our own world.

Finally, art. Art in any form makes me happy. I found it quite interesting that after the election I went to a Lukas Graham concert and heard Francis Ford Coppola speak. Both occasions reminded me that art is a wonderful savior.

Now with FNA in my toolbox, I had to think about how I can contribute to the solution. I thought back to my nonprofit board days. In the nonprofit world there is a saying, “fill your board with the three A’s.” The three A’s are Askers, Ambassadors and Advocates. The belief is that not one person is good at all those things, so you want a group of diverse talent.

Askers are comfortable asking for money. Ambassadors are not comfortable asking for money, but can build relationships with donors and host events, sort of like the public relations of the board. Advocates are your storytellers; they tell your nonprofit/cause story. They are the people that march, go to congress, speak at events for your cause. Each role is important and crucial to building a nonprofit board.

In this crucial political climate ask yourself “Which A am I?” How can I use my voice and channel it effectively? You may feel pushed to take on a certain role, but to be effective you have to do what you are good at.

Remember you can only give what you have. So if your inner peace is still in turmoil, don’t think about being part of the solution yet. Focus on you, then you can save the world.

Hugs and Smiles,