We have all been there, the infamous, “in-between jobs”.  Some are there after years of working in an industry that wasn’t their passion while others might still be trying to start their career. Either way, when you find yourself in that phase, it is easy to get down on yourself. All those self-doubts and insecurities creep into your mind and would like to take over. Don’t let them.

First off, remember that pretty much everyone you know despite his or her age and education has been there or will be there one day. I mean its life, it’s supposed to kick us in the butt.

Some people might think that a proper job search requires you to stare at your computer screen and apply for job after job. Trust me that will just feed into your self-doubt.  You need to have an open positive mind for things to happen. I know that might sound “hippie-ish” but think about it. Nothing good has ever happened to you when you were frustrated and crying on the floor. But when you tell yourself you are just going to relax or go on vacation, things happen. Both Nick and I received our last job offers while on our honeymoon.

Through my own trials and tribulations and after watching my friends go through similar phases, I compiled a list of suggestions to fight those financial and emotional blues you may get during this time.

First and foremost get your finances in order. You can become even more depressed and frustrated if you have to worry about money. Look at how much is in checking and savings. Estimate how much you need to pay bills and how much spending cash you will have after that. Figure out how many months you can live comfortably off of that and go from there.

Remember in this day and age you can be jobless for 6 to 8 months. I mean let’s be honest, it’s easy to find a retail or service job but to find that next step or career changer job, it takes awhile.

Financial Blues Tips: – Do you have nanny experience? You can make a killing on this website. You set up a profile and parents can contact you or you can contact parents about different nanny/babysitting jobs in the area. There is also housekeeping and elderly care jobs on this website. There is a background check you must go through but it’s not too bad. I know some people that have made at least $24 an hour doing this.

Task Rabbit – Random everyday tasks are posted here from people in your area. People post tasks such as ‘looking for a makeup artist’ to ‘need a ride to the airport’ to ‘need office help’, etc.  You tell them your price and they accept or not. There are a background check and a Facebook verification requirement. But overall pretty simple.

Lyft – Do you have a car? Great, you can be a Lyft driver. You can set up your profile with their phone app. Some of my friends that have done this not only like the side cash they made but like the people they met.

I remember a few years ago hearing on some MSNBC show that it is best to have multiple sources of income. My most successful, busy friends that have full-time careers don’t just receive money from their jobs. They nanny on some weekends, bake and sell desserts, make jewelry, etc. Not only do these side gigs give them extra cash it makes them feel that they are doing more than just working.

Emotional Blues Tips: 

Make a task list every day! –  Think about it, you have this extra time; extra time that your friends might want. Eventually, you will be working again and won’t have this time to get the little tasks done. Clean those closets, read that book, organize your shelves, etc. Just get things done.

Volunteer – Just a few hours a week. This will get you out of the house. Meet new people and expand your circle. You might find a hidden talent and when you are back to work you won’t have this time to volunteer.

Exercise – Coming from me, (someone who is not a gym fanatic) exercising is really relaxing. Even if you go for a 40-minute walk. Just get outside. You know that old saying; “fresh air will do you good”. It’s true, and I don’t know about you, but some of my best ideas come after a good walk or yoga session.

Travel! –  If you have some savings or extra cash book a trip. Go somewhere for a week or two. Enjoy the time you have and think about your next step. Please do not use your credit card to take a trip while you are not working. Don’t be ridiculous.

Network – Most jobs nowadays go to the person that knows the right person. Yes you might still have to write a resume and cover letter. But at least you have someone in your corner. Now, how are you going to have someone in your corner, if you don’t know him or her? Use apps like Eventbrite and Meetup to find local events.

Remember this time is not permanent. You will find a job that will enhance your career and life. Some of my most successful friends that are working in careers and industry that they love went through the tedious job search.

Some realize that there was no job/career out there they wanted and created their own position/company. We all know it’s competitive out there so take this time to regroup and refuel yourself.

Now get out of bed, take a shower, and get out there. I know you can do it! And trust me, I am pretty awesome. I mean at least my husband thinks so and he’s like a genius. All jokes aside, I know you can do this.