905, 2017

10 Things To Know Before Traveling In Japan By: Aya Yagi

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  I'm back with more tips and tricks! This time, I'm sharing Part I of the things I think should know before traveling to Japan. Japan is a lovely country to visit, but it's definitely

105, 2017

Travel Guide By: Aya Yagi

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Hello, folks! Today I thought I’d share my general tips and tricks for traveling. Although my experiences span only the US, Europe and a bit of East Asia, hopefully these bits of advice will help

1904, 2017

The City That Never Breakfast (But Always Brunches)

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We can all agree that breakfast and brunch are different beasts, each with uniquely redeeming qualities; kind of like the sisters Kardashian. I, myself, am a firm proponent of the extinct meal we once called

2903, 2017

Paris Sweets By: Aya Yagi

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Bonjour, readers! Today, I'm here with some of my favorite picks for Paris sweets! As a French major in college, (and an ultra Francophile) I've spent my fair share of time eating through the sugary

2803, 2017

Tea For Two By: Aya Yagi

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If you're looking for a scrumptious afternoon tea but don't have the means or time to go to England, have no fear! There are several good tea salons in the Bay Area that have a

1303, 2017

Eat, Shop and Read in Berkeley by: Aya Yagi

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It feels like spring is here with flowers blooming on the streets and the sun coming out to play (at least until the rain arrives again). It's the perfect time to stroll around and meet