1909, 2019

Packing For A Last Minute Summer Getaway In Europe By: Kim Rodrigues

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Whether you plan on exploring the streets of Paris or lounging on the beach in Ibiza, weekend trips are great ways to get out, reset, and refuel. A small trip can be filled with adventure

108, 2019

Joshua Tree Vlog

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  Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms were wonderful finds for our founder Nicole. She ate some good food and hiked in the desert. Sometimes you just have to explore in your back yard.

3107, 2019

18 Things To Do in NYC From A Native New Yorker By: Rose Heredia

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As a native New Yorker, I was able to create this activity list from my memory. However, I couldn’t leave my fellow New Yorkers out, so there is a caveat for those also from New

1907, 2019

Minneapolis Travel Vlog

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Nicole made her way to Minneapolis. She relishes in the arts and food. So join her today as she shows you around Minneapolis.  

1707, 2019

How To Be A Good Hostel Mate

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In my travels, I have stayed in a few hostels. Especially when I am traveling solo, it’s a great place to meet people, learn about a city and let’s face it; you save some money.

1507, 2019

3 Ways To Travel To Europe While On Budget By: Kim Rodrigues

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You’re dreaming of it, basking in the Tuscan sun, gorging on Spanish paella, and exploring the conflicts of WWII in Germany. Europe has an incredible history, excellent cuisines, and vibrant cultures that most of us

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