506, 2017

Two Days in Taipei By: Aya Yagi

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On my trip to Japan (a month and a half ago), I first stopped at Taipei, Taiwan! I only had a short stay there (two days), but I loved it and hoped to visit again.

1605, 2017

10 Things to Know Before Traveling in Japan: Part II By: Aya Yagi

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  As promised, I'm back with various tips on traveling in Japan! From finding the right toilet flush button to getting great skincare products, I've got the inside info 😉 Toilets, Tubs, and Hot Springs

1005, 2017

Thailand: A Resilient Culture Of Beauty, Revelry And Food By: Nick Deinzer

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In October 2016, a highly respected and, in a wonderful rarity, highly loved king passed away after more than 70 years on the throne. King Bhumibol Adulyadej was one of the longest reigning monarchs in

905, 2017

10 Things To Know Before Traveling In Japan By: Aya Yagi

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  I'm back with more tips and tricks! This time, I'm sharing Part I of the things I think should know before traveling to Japan. Japan is a lovely country to visit, but it's definitely

105, 2017

Travel Guide By: Aya Yagi

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Hello, folks! Today I thought I’d share my general tips and tricks for traveling. Although my experiences span only the US, Europe and a bit of East Asia, hopefully these bits of advice will help

1904, 2017

The City That Never Breakfast (But Always Brunches)

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We can all agree that breakfast and brunch are different beasts, each with uniquely redeeming qualities; kind of like the sisters Kardashian. I, myself, am a firm proponent of the extinct meal we once called