Like a true Californian, I only see the glorious snow when it’s the holidays. I either drive or fly to spend a few days in the snow. I know there are thousands of people who hate the dreaded white powder. Scraping your driveway, praying black ice doesn’t happen the morning you have a 9 am meeting, and having to wear multiple layers, to keep somewhat warm. However, I am an adult kid who has to deal with non-stop rain and the occasional 4 in the morning earthquake. See we all have things we have to deal with.

One of the first things I had to learn about going to the snow is the wardrobe. I have been that Californian who dressed horribly for the snow. I either got wet or ruined my clothes. Why not use my embarrassment as a lesson for you all?

Snow Pants: Snow pants are an actual thing you can buy. Just go to an outdoor store and purchase them. Yes, you have to purchase pants that you will wear only once a year, but it’s worth it. If you are on the slopes, you will need them. They keep you warm and dry. Jeans and leggings will not cut it.

Snow Jacket: Okay, let’s say you don’t want to buy a snow jacket. You just need a jacket that can get wet without getting you wet (one that has some nylon or gore-tex should do it). In fact, I had a puffy green jacket with a hood that my parents bought me. It’s too puffy for everyday wear, but it’s impressive in the snow. Remember a pea-coat or a cotton jacket will not cut it.

Goggles: Even if you are not skiing or snowboarding, goggles will come in handy. Especially if the snow is flying sideways and you are looking for your car. I love going tubing, and the goggles have helped my sight during this time.

Gloves: Let’s face it, the 50’s are gone. Therefore people don’t wear gloves all the time, even if it’s 20 degrees outside. But you need gloves. Not cotton gloves. Faux leather gloves work just fine. You don’t want your hands getting cold and wet. It will ruin your whole day.

Thermal Pajamas: You need comfortable, warm, pajamas. Depending on where you are going, you might feel the cold air in the morning before you start the fire. I have to trade in my long t-shirts and pantless sleeping attire for full-on thermal pajamas.

Rain/Snow Boots: The worse thing I ever did, was wear Lugs to the snow. I figured they kept my feet warm during the cold November nights so that they will do the same in the snow. Nope. I ruined my boots, and my feet were so cold. So I opted for black durable boots. Look for shoes that will keep your feet warm, and will be safe to walk on the icy pavement. So no tennis shoes.

Now grab your favorite warm drink and enjoy the snow!