Today, I’m going to share about a recent find: Feastly! It’s what I like to call the Airbnb of food because you have a bunch of chefs (serious amateurs, semi-professionals to super professionals) hosting pop up culinary adventures (read: meals). A friend of mine hosted a delicious dumpling dinner in San Francisco several weeks ago; and, I loved my first Feastly experience!

What’s great about Feastly is that you get a social dining experience that feels less rigid (than a fancy restaurant) and more intimate (than a fancy restaurant). You meet and interact with the chef directly, you can watch their magic in the kitchen, and you have the opportunity to strike up a conversation with fellow diners (if you so choose).

For example, at my friend’s Get Low Dumplings dinner, my boyfriend and I sat with a friend and four strangers. We’re not super social, but we still had a pleasant conversation with the others at our table. It was great to see the chef at work, explain each course and interact with each table!

Of course, the best thing about Feastly is the food. You get to try things that aren’t always available in popular restaurants, you get to try things that are not usually on your radar, you get to try things that restaurants simply don’t have the time to do. In the Bay Area, there are many Feastly events to choose from. Afternoon tea, homemade bagels, sushi, Burmese food, Egyptian street eats, and so many more delectable options!  

The price isn’t cheap – but you do get a welcome discount as well as “credit” for your next Feastly meal (as long as you schedule one within a month of your previous meal). If a friend uses Feastly, you can ask for a referral code for additional discounts! In any case, the food is super worth it – give it a try if you find them in your city! 🙂