ASMR has made a home on YouTube. With new artists coming into the arena every day, it has become a staple in the online world. ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Viewers can experience static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It is meant to relax people and help them fall asleep.

I have used ASMR to combat my isonomia in addition to drinking plenty of water, and exercise. I find new ASMR artists I like depending on my preferences. I caught a new ASMR artist, Diamond ASMR flight attendant role play one night and I wanted to learn more about her story.

Over, Skype a few weeks ago, we discussed her background, her views on the ASMR community and the struggles with YouTube.

Diamond ASMR, Aleece, grew up in small rural town in northeast Pennsylvania.

“I grew up learning how to love nature, and how to play outside,” Diamond told Epifania.

She had plenty of friends, however, once middle school started, she became a victim of bullying. Her classmates would bully her because of her Tibial Torsion, or more commonly known as pigeon toe, condition.

“People were really nasty. I got surgery but it was difficult to move around the high school in a wheelchair, so I went to cyber school,” Diamond ASMR shared.

Her ASMR journey started when she was a child. In her family home, they always had a box fan on, and the whole family would fall asleep to white noise.

“Then one day, when I older, I was pet sitting, and I couldn’t sleep. I would look up soothing sounds, like water or nature. That is when I stumbled upon ASMR,” Diamond ASMR explained.

She started to watch videos then back in November started to create her own. Her favorite videos to watch are the classic ASMR makeup collection videos. Kaurna Satori and ASMR Darling are two of her favorite artists.

“Kaurna is just so real and down to earth. She talks about her personal life, which a lot of people don’t,” shared Diamond ASMR.

She spent hours teaching herself how to edit and constantly working on the quality of her videos.

“It also has to do with getting quality equipment. I just got my Yeti mic,” Diamond ASMR told Epifania.

Even though there were people that told her that she did not need “fancy” equipment and that she got to 5,000 subscribers without it. Diamond ASMR knew if she did not upgrade her content would be left behind. Her equipment includes her new mic, a MacBook Pro, her iPhone 8 Plus and an array of props. Her number one tip for filming though is lighting.

She is currently dealing with YouTube’s new creator guidelines. YouTube has a backlog of applications from creators in regards to monetization of their accounts. Her account is not set up for monetization

However, a girl can dream, right? If money was not an obstacle for Diamond ASMR, she would like to film a tour video at the extravagant Lodge at Woodloch.

“I love watching room tour videos. I would love to show this place. It’s gorgeous with pools that have waterfalls and there is a huge spa. But I would need no one to be there,” shared Diamond ASMR.

As the ASMR community has grown, there are artists out there who are creating for lack of better word, risque videos. Videos were the creator is lingerie, and the camera is angled to where you see up her dress. Which naturally has given ASMR a bad rep., and has split the community.

“I was doing some research for a custom video, and I came across the most disturbing video. It was a woman in lingerie, who just spread her buttcheeks. My boyfriend and I are looked at each other in shock. She called it ASMR, but it’s not ASMR,” shared Diamond ASMR, “you start to wonder if they are doing it because it’s their passion or is they doing it for the views.”

As a creator, Diamond ASMR is aware that there will be nasty comments. There will be trolls. There will be bullies.

“I do see those hate comments, some of them I do leave up. But some I take down. For example, if they mention something about disliking my hair, I’ll leave it up. If they say something hateful about my actual content, I take it down. I don’t want other people to see the negativity. I want my channel to be positive,” shared Diamond ASMR.

Diamond ASMR adding positivity to YouTube, one video at a time.



Diamond ASMR created a travel-inspired video for us.