For as long as I can remember, my parents loved decorating for Christmas. My mom has boxes upon boxes filled with Christmas delights. There was, however, always rhyme and reason to the madness.

First, my mom would decide on the theme of the tree. The themes might be: “classic red and green,” “purple and silver,” or “blue christmas with blue and silver.” From there, us kids were allowed to help decorate the tree. My dad would then decide on the Christmas desserts and get to bakin’, while my mom would add a Santa here and there, a nativity scene by the front door, and a singing snowman underneath the table in the formal sitting room, which gave the little kids something to play with.



My favorite part was setting up the Christmas village. My parents had these small figures that created a winter village. There was a schoolhouse, a post office, police station, store and some houses. There were also figures of different people. We would put white fluffy sparkling material on a low coffee table to add “snow” to the village.

I loved fixing the village, making sure to take my time so that the town looked perfect and made sense.

For example, the police station wouldn’t be near the schoolhouse, and the bench with the elderly couple needed to go right outside the store, so that they had plenty of people to talk to. Yeah, I know, I had a very active imagination as a kid.



As an adult, I still get excited about decorating. I have had my own tree for a while now and always pick the classic red and green look with a dash of silver. I adore adding a nativity scene near the front door, hanging stockings and placing a bowl of pine cones in the middle of my dinner table. I don’t have a singing snowman yet, but it’s coming.

Hugs and Smiles,