Hello Contributors! I am so excited to have you write a piece for Epifania. I love showcasing other people’s talents. But before you start your masterpiece, please read the do’s and don’ts below.  Thank you!

·      Fashion articles
·      Professional development articles
·      Lifestyle articles
·      Book reviews
·      Art reviews
·      Health tips
·      Food reviews
·      Slideshows
·      Films
·      You must have rights to all photos and films
·      100-500 word articles

·      No nude photos
·      No violent artwork
·      No overly religious pieces
·      No pictures or films with children under 18 years old (They may be in the photo or film if they are your own kids or you have a written permission from a parent)
·      No Ads

·      Every piece will go through two rounds of edits before posting. The edits are 90 percent grammatical and only 10 percent creative.
·      Send proper photos with the article, for example, an article about the ocean needs to be accompanied by ocean photos.

Founder and Editor