I recently had three separate conversations with three women in my life. These women don’t know each and range in age from their late teens to mid-thirties. The conversations were are all about how the boys in their lives were not communicating. Same old story, right? I am still shocked that  boys still haven’t figured out that honesty and clear communication is best.

Now, I know some boys come into relationships with baggage. Boys get hurt too, and they might have their guards up because someone broke their heart in the past. Or they are young and still want to be “cool” around their friends; so they won’t show emotions.

To the boys I say this: You hate it when we demand you to be mind readers. Guess what? We hate it too. How are we supposed to know how you feel if you don’t say anything?

I Don’t Know How To Say I Don’t Like You That Way. – Going radio silence is a killer. You just come off as a fucken idiot. I know you are trying to be polite and not hurt her feelings but you did by going mute. You have to find a polite way, of saying you don’t like her the way she wants you to like her. Take the questions and the tears. If she has any class or common sense she won’t throw stuff at you or call you mean things. We mature as we grow too!

Wait, I do love her. She is my girlfriend but she is mad at me. – Now, let’s say you are in a new relationship. You really like her. She is everything you want and you call her your girlfriend to your friends. Great! But have you told her that? Have you told her that you like her, love her, and miss her? Buying gifts, being nice, going on trips is not a substitute. You have to say the words, because if not, it leaves her with questions. Before an argument occurs, reassure her with your words.

Girls take away freedom. – To my young young boys out there,the under 22 crowd, I know, you have to be cool around your friends. Bros come before hoes. I know, friendship is important to you. But she is not a hoe, and those bros will leave you for a girl. The girl has a vagina and you don’t. Sorry, it’s biology.

  • If you just like her as a friend. Tell her. Don’t, I repeat don’t have sex with her if you are just going to put her in the friend zone. It’s rude. Unless you two had a conversation about being friends with benefits and you both are okay with that. Don’t be that asshole. I mean, what would your mother think? 
  • If you like her,but swear your freedom will be lost to a girl,then you are not ready for a relationship,which is fine. But If you are ready, then you will be willing to give up your “freedom”. By the way, a girl with common sense and taste will still let you have fun. No offense, but your fear is a little ridiculous.  

Needless to say, communication is key in any relationship. Being open to honest communication is equally important. So girls, if you want to become a woman, you have to be willing to take the honest communication. Boys, if you want girls to stop calling you a boy, stop acting like one and use your words.

Listen. Think. Talk. Repeat. (Did you see how Listen is first and not Talk. Good.)

Hugs and Smiles,