Autumn is here! Can you tell I am excited? Maybe it’s because I was born in the autumn season. Maybe it’s because mustard yellow and pumpkin orange look good on me. Either way, I love when the air gets crisp and the jingles of the holiday season are just around the corner.

But alas, with the air getting colder and nights longer, it’s hard to do outdoor activities. My summer-baby husband (he was born in the summer) absolutely hates this time of year. He wants to be outside: swimming, running, wearing shorts, falling asleep on the beach, etc. I tell him every year that the world has four seasons; but, I don’t think he has comprehended that theory yet.

So, with a sad husband and cold weather, I turn to liquor. Learning how to make cocktails has quickly become one of my favorite things to do in the fall. After all, there is all of September and October to perfect a classic cocktail or create your own. Then, come November and December, you can share your genius skills with friends.

It’s best to practice during the week when everyone is too cold to visit. Keep it simple by looking up a recipe before heading to the store. If you are the more adventurous type and don’t want to use a recipe, simply stick with one type of liquor ( i.e. rum) and try to spice it up with different ingredients.


If you start to feel lonely during the cold nights, tell your friends what you are doing. Liquor has a way of getting people to come over. You can also take your experiment to a friend’s house and hang out there.

This year, my personal goal is to make a light drink that will go well with a heavy Thanksgiving dinner and a bright red drink for Christmas that doesn’t taste too sugary.

Snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the nice spiced rum you’ve made.