So my birthday was© Nicole Moreno-Deinzer a few days ago…I am officially 28 years-old. In my first days of being 28 I had a lovely dinner with my new husband, a family dinner with my parents, siblings and cousins, attended a local school district meeting for work, went to the Hispanic Foundation Ball in Santa Clara and went wine tasting with friends. Not bad.

Throughout these moments I was always thinking…”change is happening everywhere!”

I welcome change. I always feel you need change to improve your life and the lives around you. I see change all the time. From the new furniture in our apartment. It may just be decorative objects but they are a symbol of the lifestyle Nick and I are living and where our lives are going. We still have some boxes around…it takes awhile to unpack wedding gifts, but we can see our home, our environment reflecting who we are NOW.

As for my inner change. I was and am still determined to make sure I get into graduate school and get my magazine off the ground. With this inner peace and determination I have noticed that I welcome help from people that a few years ago would have been strangers. For example I sent my graduate school paper to some friends of mine that honestly two years ago I would have not known. I am glad I know them now!

Now while I am career searching again. Some people stay in positions and companies that make them unhappy, I have never been that type of person. Sorry my happiness comes first. I am receiving wonderful advice and support from people that I have talked to a few times. It’s a great reminder of the kindness of people.

It’s amazing to watch life take you down so many paths. I am watching all my friends find their new paths this year. Some are still searching, others are taking their first steps and a few had to realize the path they were on had to change and they had to push the restart button on their lives.

The latest book I am reading also has a message of change. It’s called Paris In Love by Eloisa James. The author moves to Paris with her husband, teenage son and young daughter. She is taking time out to relearn how to appreciate life again.

So as the 2013 slowly comes to an end…just three more months and then 2014 will be here. Everyday brings a new lesson.