lantern-989229_1920Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, with Thanksgiving as a close second (although I may be biased on that one, because it was when I was born). At any rate, I love Halloween, not for the creepiness or horror (those who know me know that I actually hate being scared), but because it’s the one day out of the year where you can be anything you want to be without fear of being “picked on.” I love the creativity of the day and some people can really do some amazing things. A friend of mine once taped empty cereal boxes to his outfit and called himself a “cereal killer.” Seriously brilliant!

Growing up, we didn’t have a light on our front porch; therefore, we never got too many trick or treaters. People just assumed since our porch light wasn’t on, we weren’t participating. Since my mother and I both love seeing all of the creative costumes, one year we got an idea. We decided that we would sit outside so people would see us and then come over.

In theory, it was a good idea. We grabbed a lantern and set up two chairs on our front lawn. People saw us and merely waved as they passed, not stopping to get candy. As you can imagine, my mom got pretty frustrated. What she did next was nothing short of a scene out of a comedy that I will never forget.

sweet-316374_1280As the next family passed, she stood up and waved her arms, yelling “Candy here! Come on over!” She had no idea how it must have looked to the passersby, but I did. In that moment, my mother was literally offering people candy to come over to see her. Think about it…

Ciao Bella,