These last few months, I have been attending numerous conferences and events. While, the majority of the time, I am learning about new products and connecting with new people, I do occasionally run into a certain type of person. The ultra direct person.

This person claims they are an expert in whatever field they reside in. Yes, 75% of the time they are telling the truth, but they state it like they are the next messiah and I should be grateful for their wisdom. Studies show that women are less direct in their communication. We use too many filler words. I do understand the benefits of practicing direct communication.

However, when I run into a person who wants to tell me what I am doing wrong with my business, or give me unsolicited advice, right off the bat- I immediately get turned off. This person has not established enough trust with me to give me unsolicited advice. We are at a conference with over 3,000 people, I don’t know you.

Oh, it should be mentioned here, I was a communication study major. I studied communication styles and body language. So, therefore, I am analyzing every word you say, and the tone you use from the gate.

Back, to this “professional.” This person, is not a professional, for three simple reasons.

  • He/She just want to hear their own voice and are not asking you clarify questions.
  • He/She don’t know how to read the room/environment.
  • He/She don’t want to establish a relationship with you, so they could help you in the future. They just want to drop a bomb on you and walk away.

Direct communication is a form of communication that we need to all practice. However, may I remind you, that you catch more bees with honey. Leave people with positive energy and they will help you in the future.