Brandie Seifert energy is contagious. Her southern accent and blonde hair reminded me of a country song. With her bubbly attitude and her genuine interest in getting to know me, I thought, ‘what a nice woman.’

However as we continue to talk, I realized this woman had worked her whole life to get to where she is. She has endured pain and has risen as the Founder of Hollywood Hippie.

Seifert grew up as the eldest of three. She didn’t grow up with much, as her parents chose their addictions over their children. At the tender age of six, she chose to live an alternative life, something different than how she was raised.

Throughout her life, she has found help through strangers, and their kindness has helped her figure out how to pay it forward.

“I have strong feelings about mutual respect. Brad Meltzer said, ‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.’ It resonates with me on a deep level,” stated Seifert.

Seifert still remembers taking her siblings to the store to get some food. She soon realized that she needed money; so, she resorted to begging people for money to purchase food.

“I was disappointed after I didn’t receive any help. It was humiliating as a kid because I was starving and wondering too what people thought about a kid asking for money. The takeaway from that experience for me is that it’s not our duty to judge others. But, if we act in kindness, the world has a way of working itself out to our ends,” shared Seifert.

As Seifert grew in her profession as a makeup artist, she found an expected opportunity to work in the Hollywood world.

“I joke and say, “Hollywood came to me.” It wasn’t glamorous working my way up the makeup chain. I managed to transition from the makeup counter to assisting on film sets where I started booking celebrity clients. I never really had a network base, I just worked hard and developed connections in the industry,” stated Seifert.

After working with clients, she kept running into the same problem. Actors and actresses wanted organic products that work. Products that were safe for the environment and on their skin but actually can stand up to harsh production lights. But why start a whole new product line instead of partnering with bigger makeup brands.

“I developed a gluten allergy and it was during my research of following a gluten-free life, I was astonished to learn about all the chemical byproducts in makeup. There was a demand from my clients for a healthy alternative, but the cost of healthy makeup is not affordable. I developed Hollywood Hippie as a brand that retains beauty and health standards on and off camera. It’s also affordable,” stated Seifert.

But it was not easy to build a whole product line. There is a lot of science that goes behind developing any products. In particular, Steifer found it difficult to create, skincare products. She had to make the decision as a business leader, that although the ingredients in her skincare are at a price point where her profit margin is less than the cost to produce this skincare line. But, she found it important to develop a complete line that is healthy and affordable.

Another choice she had to make was to create a product that gave back to a cause. With her story including foster care, her cause is Children. During this time Hollywood Hippie has a partnership with the Pink Giraffe House, a nonprofit drop-in center for homeless youth.

Now Seifert is still growing. She has currently had to restart her life and business. She recently went through a divorce, right when her business was picking up.

“I recommend consulting a business coach or accountability partners as your first step. Personal setbacks can be challenging, but you cannot let them interfere with your ability to run a business. I had some obstacles to face, but I was fortunate to have business mentors and gracious clients give me good advice,” shared Seifert.

However, she enjoyed some wine, pedicures, and massages.

“You do not have to feel guilty about treating yourself to these things once in a while.They can benefit your mind and body and be cheaper than therapy. After my ex, filed for divorce, I recall hearing my wedding song play during a pedicure session and I begin to cry my eyes out. I realized then how therapeutic pedicures could be when trying to overcome a crisis in your life. For years I used to take for granted all the pedicures I received, but I never felt more deserving of one than at that time,” stated Seifert.

Now as Brandie Seifert has risen again, she leaves you all with one makeup tip and an opportunity to get involved with Hollywood Hippie.

“I am seeing a trendy, but common mistake lately and it’s the application of blush. Many women wear their blush too low, which isn’t where we naturally blush, and it’s aging,” states Seifert.

Finally, if you want to be apart of the growth of Hollywood Hippie, Brandie is looking for ambassadors.


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