Speaking to 7th graders about Epifania at Silicon Valley Breakthrough, 2014.

Nicole Moreno-Deinzer, Founder and CEO

Topics: Transitioning From High School To College, College to the Workplace, Owning Your Voice, Youth Empowerment, Female Founders

Areas: California (may travel to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or New York if time permits)

“Starting your own business is somewhat of a roller coaster. You’re nervous and scared before the first dip and then for the rest of the ride is exciting. I started this online magazine to promote the good in the world and to give a voice to all the people that are doing it.” – Nicole


Epifania means epiphany in Spanish and Italian. We all have them and they always lead us down a better path. Nicole has always used her positive outlook to shape her voice and her mindset. She knows first hand that without a positive outlook nothing will happen. No new lessons are learned and no new contacts are made.

Epifania is an online magazine that connects and educates women of all backgrounds, and inspires them to give back to their communities with style and grace.



  • College students
  • High school and middle school students
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Women founders

Email: nicole@aloveyourlifeoutlook.com