A few months back while I was on an Alpha Kappa Psi alumni panel at San Francisco State, I heard some wonderful tips from my other brothers. One of them said he heard that you are the average of the people you know. Grant it at the time it was a pitch to get more brothers but it got me thinking. If I am the average of people I know, that damn that’s pretty good. I mean not to brag or anything but most of my networks and friends do amazing things everyday.

I mean I just bought a book earlier this week that was written by one of my friends Christine. It is entitled One Woman’s Voice and How Using Yours Can Start a Revolution.  So far so good and I am so proud that she wanted to share her advice and wrote a book. Her voice is so clear and it’s actually good advice. It’s not fluff…(stay tune for my review later).

Another friend of mine Ash co-founded his own social media company, Comment Ground. I remember having candid conversations with him about finding the perfect company and how hard it was to find happiness at a typical job. He jumped off the deep end and created something amazing for himself.  It is a great example of how you need to find your own path.

Grant it this is just a small example. I am always shock and in awe of what my friends do.  I usually hate being “average” but in this case, it’s not so bad.