Halloween is literally tomorrow and don’t you want to be your neighborhood, “Sleeping Beauty”. Aurora the 1959 Disney Princess, the iconic look was heavily influenced by the Post-War decade. The look includes simple eyeliner and pink, pink and more pink.

Los Angeles makeup artist, Adria Craig, who is also a big Disney fanatic becomes Aurora for a day, with these simple makeup tricks.

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Aurora’s Eyes:

  1. Put tape under your eyes to give you a clean eyeshadow look.
  2. Add pink eyeshadow to your eyelids. Use the Morphe b35 pallet.
  3. Use Maybelline 24-hour Super Stay “Pink Goes On” lipstick as an eyeliner. Create a wingtip eyeliner look with it.
  4. Then add Sephora black eyeliner. Keep the line thin.
  5. Add the “Frozen Fruit” eyeshadow from the Jeffree Star Brainfreeze palette to your eyelids.
  6. Then add “Cold Shoulder” eyeshadow from Jeffree Star Brainfreeze palette under your eyebrows.

Aurora’s Face:

  1. Put Neutrogena tinted moisturizer all over your face.
  2. Add Cover Girl Better Skin concealer, around your nose and forehead.
  3. Put e.l.f. putty primer all over your face.
  4. Contour with the Maybelline Super Stay foundation.
  5. Brush on Morphe setting powder.
  6. Let it set and put on the Maybelline 24-hour super stay Pink Goes On lipstick.
  7. Then add some Mirabella blush.
  8. Then add the “Cold Shoulder” from the Jeffree Star Brainfreeze eyeshadow as a highlighter.

May you decide between your pinks and blues this Halloween night.