Do we ever take a moment to think, who started the company that has produced some of our favorite makeup brands and products? Latina/x entrepreneurs have been paving the way in the makeup industry for some time now. I’m sure you even have a few in your makeup bag and didn’t know that a Latina/x created it.

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Household name Beauty Blender was created by Rea Ann Silva, a well-known makeup artist in Hollywood, who wanted to create something that made people makeup look flawless. She wanted people makeup to take minimal effort but offer maximum results. If you don’t use Beauty Blender sponges, you have probably used a sponge. She didn’t just create a product. She created a movement. This Latina CEO, whose mom is Mexican and dad is Portuguese, is still winning beauty awards and has even expanded her line to not just sponges but to even foundations, highlighters, primers and setting sprays.

Another household name that has paved the way for skincare not just for women but for children is Jessica Alba’s Honest Company. She founded the company because she wanted safe, effective products that perform. Today’s customers want to know what is in their household and beauty products. The Honest Company is cautious when choosing ingredients, by avoiding harsh chemicals. They have even maximized the use of renewable sources, like using plant-derived ingredients. They even created a No List with over 2,500 chemicals/materials that have been banned by the European Union. To this day, they have created a wide range of products not just for your skin but all the way to cleaning products, diapers and baby formula.

These are just two examples of Latinas paving the way in the beauty industry. There are numerous other brands. This National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrate by adding a few Latina/x brands to your makeup counter.