There are millions of blogs, thousands of books and billions of Facebook posts all declaring, “How To Get Happy in 5 Steps,” or “How To Incorporate Happiness In Your Life.” We all take mental, emotional, and physical steps to become happier and create a more blissful life. But then what? The world is quite a harsh place for a happy person.

People tend to want to converse about problems instead of successes. I mean, in an everyday conversation with friends, people may discuss the woes of their workplace and then they look at you. They look at you with those eyes that basically say, “k, your turn, add to our discussion with your complaints.”

I do have complaints as an entrepreneur, a woman of color, and, shoot, as a writer. But to me, they are actually quite small and insignificant because the lessons from them are so much bigger.

There are moments when I do tell people, “My life is really good right now. I’m happy.” People do smile back but there is hurt in their eyes. It’s like they heard me say, “I’m happy. Are you?” I just want to bask in my happiness. Swim in it and have the waves carry me away. I don’t want my happiness to shrink someone’s world or to make them feel like a lost soul grasping for the tightrope of life but instead finding themselves always a few inches too short. Oh no.

Happiness is supposed to grow and penetrate every fiber of the human race. It’s supposed to dance on the tongues of the youth and sparkle in the eyes of the old.

But no. Happiness has become a suspicious being lurking in the alley. It’s the good-looking con artist with the crooked smile. You want to believe in the smile, but you can’t trust the con artist and because of this, we have learned to distrust someone who is happy.

I will forever be proud of my happiness and share it. If someone takes it as an insult, well, that is on them. If you have found your happiness, share it, own it, love it. Let’s bring happiness out of the dark alley and into the sunny street.