My youngest sister is 12 years younger than me. So from time to time, I like to give her advice. 90 percent of the time she doesn’t ask for it, but it’s one of the advantages of being the oldest. ☺

Us being silly on Easter!  © 2015 Nicole Moreno-Deinzer Us being silly on Easter!  © 2015 Nicole Moreno-Deinzer

1) Friendships end; don’t fret: Since she was 9 years old, I have told my sister that friendships change, end and begin. That your best friends in second grade are not going to be your best friends in third grade. I didn’t want her to feel bad, because Mindy was no longer her friend. Learn from your friendships, appreciate the time you did have and move on with no hard feelings.

2) Never be afraid to love: It would break my heart, if my sister or any of my siblings for that matter, gave up on love. Even if she gets her heart broken a 100 times, she should get up everyday open and ready to love. The world doesn’t need another bitter soul.

3) You are not going to be good at everything: It’s human nature to want to be the best at everything and to beat yourself up when you’re not. How silly is that? Focus on your strengths and perfect those. Naturally work on your weaknesses but don’t beat yourself up cause you can’t dance; sings; paint; learn French; etc.

I hope you enjoy some of my older sister advice.