For the past 40 years, Adamari Lopez has been in the entertainment business. She started her career as a child actress in Puerto Rican and then later Mexican soap operas. Her talents have made her a household name. She currently is the host of Telemundo morning show Un Nuevo Día.

I was interested to know, how someone who has been in entertainment for four decades can still find her passion.

“When I started, I was a kid. I didn’t really know I was acting. I thought I was just playing. That’s how I approach it now. I am still playing. I love what I do, and I’ll stop when I stop loving it,” stated Lopez.

However, this is not how Lopez came across my desk. Lopez came to me through her humanitarian work. Comcast recently announced that Lopez will return for the second year as the Hispanic ambassador for Internet Essentials. The largest and most comprehensive broadband adoption program for low-income families in the U.S.

This caught my eye, for numerous reasons. One there is a digital divide between Latinos and Non-Latinos. Two, internet access is starting to become enlists, with companies charging higher rates every year. With Internet Essentials, our most vulnerable communities (low-income families, veterans, etc.) can access the world.

“This saves families time, so they don’t have to go search for the internet. They parents can look for jobs, the kids can study and like most immigrant families, they want to stay in contact with their families in other countries,” stated Lopez.

The Internet Essentials is that it’s only $9.95 and it does not affect your credit.

With October here, I couldn’t leave the conversation without discussing breast cancer with Lopez. In 2005 she was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. She had a partial mastectomy and chemotherapy. She discussed her journey in her 2013 book, “Thriving”.

“Breast cancer is a terrible illness. We need to be proactive in our health and discuss it with our sisters, daughters, friends. We need to educate ourselves more on it. Breast cancer can affect anyone,” stated Lopez.

Adamari Lopez is a woman living in her truth. And here at Epifania, we support that.