A Brief Letter From The Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Nicole Moreno-Deinzer:

Hello Readers,

   Welcome to Epifania. I am excited that you dropped by. Well this has been a labor of love for me and will continue to be. I fell in love with the written word in 7th grade. Throughout my academic and professional career I always kept writing near to my heart. Then in 2014 I started, Epifania is a lifestyle online magazine for women who are in their 20’s and 30’s. Epifania means epiphany in Spanish and Italian. In life we have an epiphany and then another epiphany and then another. After each one you can see the beauty and good in life.  All I wanted to do was to remind people of that. To showcase the many interest women have. Articles will range from career to relationships to fashion to book reviews. To showcase that a woman is well-rounded human being.  I personally want  you to feel good about yourself and the world after visiting our site. Sit back and read up. 

Many Epifanias,




What’s Next For Epifania?

Epifania – A Love Your Life Outlook Publications is planning to have our first summer internship program. We are looking for interns that want to work in the editorial, social media or business department. 

Always looking for contributors! Let us know if you have something interesting to say. You can contact me directly at nicole@aloveyourlifeoutlook.com. 

A Love Your Life Outlook Media

Mission Statement: A Love Your Life Outlook Publications is a positivity catalyst.

Core Values:writinga-traveljournal-1
We believe nothing can be done without internal happiness.

  • Leadership Through Positivity: To build an environment where leaders lead with kindness and heart.
  • Youthful Wonder: To always wonder and engage in the world around us. To provide our readers eyes to the world.
  • Language Intelligence: To never talk down to our readers but to never bore them. To engage our readers and supporters.

What’s Next For A Love Your Life Outlook Media?

A Love Your Life Outlook Meida is building a teen magazine and podcast. Message us for details.