It all started with a phone call. To hear Veronica Acebedo talk about her business launch reminds you of those adorable meet cues in films. She was about to launch her own mobile spa business, V Spa. She was a bit hesitant, as she is a female going into a stranger’s home. She also did not know how to start it. But it all started with brand new clients calling her requesting an appointment, and she was off.

Veronica Acebedo, LMT/CMT launched a luxury mobile massage service, V Spa. But why a mobile massage business? Well, to answer that we must start at the beginning.

Acebedo, a Jersey native, has always had a desire to help people, ever since she was a little girl. However, she fell into massage from an unlikely source; her mother’s manicurist.

“My mom’s manicurist, taught me how to give hand massages,” stated Acebedo.

From that moment on, she started to give hand massages to her mother and friends. In high school, her dance teacher taught her and her classmates how to give back massages.

Once she started college, she realized that college was not for her. She dropped out and was at a crossroads. Her mother suggested that she look into physical therapy. Once she visited a massage school and received a full body massage, she was sold.

“I just knew, that was, what I was meant to do,” stated Acebedo.

Throughout her career, she has focused on the health benefits of massage. She views herself as a problem solver and wants to tackle the pain her clients feel.

“I think it’s important to live as healthy as you can and to live the best life while we are here,” Acebedo stated, “We only get one body. We have to take care of it.”

Her career started at a spa in New Jersey. Her first boss became a mentor and taught her about health and lifestyle. Two years later she moved to South Beach, Miami. She then proceeded to Los Angeles and has been an LA resident for nine years. Her 12-year career has been able to grow through word of mouth, throughout her locations.

When she received that phone call, the clients wanted someone to come to their home. Acebedo realized that there was no point in having a brick and mortar store when busy clients cannot make it to the spa. She also enjoys taking her time with a new client instead of rushing them out the door for a new client.

“When the clients are in their comfort zone, they are more relaxed. So the process is calmer,” shared Acebedo.

V Spa can also come to your office and do on-site massages. Acebedo works with human resources departments to bring her services to business professionals throughout Los Angeles.

In my circle, there are entrepreneurs and tech professionals. Both fields are stressful and very high pace. You are always on the go. The thought of receiving a massage seems like a luxury item you do on a Sunday brunch day. Needless to say, if a massage professional came to our office, we would be using them every week.

V Spa currently serves clients in the Los Angeles area from Santa Monica to Pasadena and offers new clients a $10 discount. Clients can choose an array of options from deep tissue to prenatal massage. Acebedo encourages people to get massages for their bodies. But a simple thing everyone can do to help themselves is to: stretch.

And remember…you never know where a phone call will lead you.

For more information on V Spa, you can visit or follow @vspalosangeles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.