New Year’s Eve is coming. You know what that means. Finding an evening makeup look that will look good on camera, last all night, and is easy to do because let’s face it, we are all running 10 minutes late.

We chatted with our lovely Los Angeles based makeup artist, Adria Rook to give you some simple makeup tips for your New Year’s Eve look.

“What is really popular for a great smoky eye look is to use Morphe’s eyeshadow pallet called 35K. It has great pigmentation and lots of shades to be able to either have a light smokey eye to an intense look,” shares Rook.

However, if you are like me are you are still mastering the smoky eye look and might be inclined to use just an eyeliner, Rook suggests using Lancôme’s Grandiose Bendable eyeliner. Bonus, if you have oily skin like Rook, she says that this the only eyeliner that has worked on her skin.

“This brand is the best one I have ever tried, and you can achieve any look you want. Your eyeliner will look on point all evening,” exclaims Rook.

Once your face is set, you might want a little something special. What says, “New Year’s Eve” like glitter? Nothing. To give your eyes a bit of glitter without looking a 5-year-old art project, Rook suggests using Urban Decay’s Moondust palette.

Your New Year’s Eve look can be subtle or bold. It’s your face for the new year. So play around with these products, try new products, experiment with your look. Face the new year with the face of your choice.