travel buddies

Sharing Your Past Travels with Your Buddies

It’s always better to know where your travel buddies have been to before you travel with them. If this is their second time traveling to your destination, maybe you can ask for some tips on how to go about the area easily. They might also share certain hacks you can do in the destination, such as looking for cheap but quality eateries or the best times to visit famous tourist spots. Subsequently, getting to know their travel histories will let you know more about them if they’re safe to be around, and how you can share new experiences with them.

Should You Share Your Plans with Your Travel Buddies?

A great topic to discuss with your travel buddies before flying off to your adventure is your travel plans. At times, even though you’re going to a certain destination together, you might have different ideas on how to spend time there. To avoid getting into arguments when you’re already there, which can ultimately waste precious time, already start talking about how you’ll go about your trip. Maybe on certain days, you get to do what you want to do, and on other days, you’ll go to where your buddies want to go. Compromise is a must when traveling with a buddy or as a group!

Getting To Know Your Travel Buddies’ Travel Gear

If you’re going on a trip with a buddy who’s used to traveling the world, ask for his/her advice on what to bring. This travel friend might be able to help you out on limiting your gear so you can have a lighter load on your trip, as well as certain hacks on how to effectively pack them without all the stress. At the same time, you might also have some tips you can share with them to make their traveling experiences a whole lot easier and hassle-free. So before flying off, it’s great to have a chat with your travel buddies about what you’ll bring with you on your trip.

Exchanging First Times Stories with Your Travel Buddies

When you’re bored waiting for your flight at the airport, it’s nice to have a chat with your travel buddies. You can share amongst yourselves all the first-times you’ve experienced on your travels. For example, your past trip in Paris might have been the first time you’ve ever used a bidet. Or maybe, during your travel buddy’s trip to Thailand, it was his first time to ride an elephant. Not only will this storytime help you pass the time, but you’ll also be more aware of what kind of a traveler your travel buddy is. You can better gauge what sort of activities he/she will enjoy more when you’re on our trip.

Bucket Lists To Do with Your Travel Buddies

Trips to far off or even foreign lands might be some items on you and your travel buddy’s bucket lists. You might not know it yet, but something you want to do before you die can also be a lifetime wish of your friend in the same vein, and you’ll only discover it if you talk about it before your trip. Sharing bucket lists are common among friends, especially those who travel together. Whether it’s climbing up Mt. Everest or experiencing the vintage lifestyle in Havana, such plans are better when you talk about it with your friends and maybe let them share in your experiences as well.

Travel Buddies Talking Food

Do you know what you want to eat on your trip? Are you even sure that you can handle the food you’re planning to try? These questions and more can be answered better when you talk about it with your travel buddy before you take off to your adventure. You never know, he/she might have already tasted the dishes and can tell you which ones are good and which ones are not worth your time. And if they’re also experienced travelers, you can ask them which foods to pack to ensure a comfortable flight or road trip. There’s no limit to what you can talk about with your travel buddy regarding food. Ang might end up learning so much after your conversation!

Movies To Inspire You on Your Trip

Before going on your next adventure with your travel buddy, why not talk about movies? It’s interesting to find out what movies were set and filmed in the destinations you’re about to go to. For example, the streets of Vienna, Austria have become wildly popular because of the 90s romance hit, “Before Sunrise.” While some places in Singapore are not full-fledged tourist spots thanks to the blockbuster hit, “Crazy Rich Asians.” Some movies can also inspire you to travel even when they don’t have any relation to your trip whatsoever. Films are always great conversation topic, especially with your travel buddy when you’re about to go to have an adventure yourselves!

How to Talk Politics with Your Travel Buddies

Getting to know the political situation of the country you’re going to is always a plus. Before your flying off, try to discuss politics with your travel buddy, but do so respectfully. Find out what’s going there right now and how it can affect your entire trip. You can also both plan ways on how to navigate through the country despite its current political situations. Subsequently, you’ll also find your travel buddy’s own beliefs, which might or might not be aligned with yours. If it’s the latter, accept that not everyone will have the same political leanings and that this won’t have to spoil your trip altogether.