Remember the first time you were able to have friends stay the night? It was so awesome. You felt like a “big kid.” You got to watch movies until 10 pm or even midnight, eat popcorn, order pizza, and talk about the note your crush gave you in the third period. But the best part about it was that you got to hang out with friends. You and your girls got to chat outside of school and recess. You could talk about the things that were important to you.

Awe, where did the time go? Now we have to schedule and reschedule the time to hang out with our friends. So here is my suggestion for you. Why not, participate in a good ol’ fashioned sleepover with your friends this Valentine’s Day weekend?

Grab your blankets, and pillows and get ready to hang together.


Step 1: Pick a house where you want to have the sleepover.Who has the largest living room with couches? Who has an air mattress?

Step 2: Bring some food. Because it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, maybe have a pink/red food theme.

Step 3: Come up with an adult craft or games.

Step 4: Bring the drinks or create a special girls drink.

Step 5: Have DVDs, Netflix and Amazon Prime ready. If you are super fancy, HBO Go.

Step 6: Laugh, hug, smile.

Life is easier with good girlfriends.