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As you may all know, Nick and I have been together for almost nine years. I know I am a lucky gal to have found my soulmate at 20. I am honored when people ask, “how do you two do it?” or “how did you know he was the one?”. But those questions are hard to answer because I am not you and I don’t know what you value. But what I can share with you are some tips and tricks on how we keep our relationship going.

  • Be affectionate – Remember to say, “I love you”, and hold hands. I love making Nick slow dance with me on a Tuesday evening cause I want to. Being affectionate even for a few seconds shows that you still value the other person.
  • Share your fears – Your partner should be the one person you share all your deep fears with. Don’t keep it bottled in because that person can tell. Tell them, that you fear you won’t accomplish XYZ by a certain age or that you think people hate you.
  • Laugh – Laughter is amazing! You need to be able to enjoy each other’s humor…even if it’s dark humor. Have insider jokes and be silly.
  • Ask questions – Seriously ask in-depth questions about your partner’s day/life. Remember no one else on the planet knows this person as you do. So, therefore, no one is asking them those questions. This shows that you are curious about the other person. I love asking Nick questions and seeing how his mind works.

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But remember this, none of this can happen if you and your partner have different values. You need to be on the same page on core values to make this work.