After many years in a relationship, it can be easy to fall into a routine. You are busy; your spouse is busy. Everyone is busy. You may start to take your relationship and love for granted. You know it’s always going to be there, just like water. But hey, the world is losing its water; so yeah, you can lose your love too. You don’t have to do grand gestures, but you do have to give little reminders. Here are three simple gestures that will go a long way:

  • Ask specific questions about your partner’s work and goals: When your partner gets home, talk to him or her about work and his or her goals. You can ask about your partner’s friends, but then you are stuck talking about other people instead of each other. What do I mean about specific questions? Ask, “how did that acquire go?,” not“how was your day?.”


  • Eat dinner together at a table: Studies show that children learn a lot from eating together at a table. They learn socialization skills. If children can benefit from eating together, well, then why not try it with your partner? Nick doesn’t really like dinner. Most of the time, he is not hungry. So, we sit together. I eat and we talk; but, the point is that we’re talking and together in one place.



  • Hold hands: Holding hands is such an innocent gesture. Reach for each other hands, not only while walking, but while watching TV and sleeping.


Remember, if you want 100 percent love from your partner, you have to give 100 percent.

Hugs and Smiles,