Summer is winding down in the Bay Area and networking season is upon us. Networking generally kicks up to high gear in September and October. Most conferences and galas take place during this time. I think it’s because fall symbolizes a “rebirth” — a time to rebuild yourself and enter the world again after the summer.

Throughout my time in the Bay Area, I have come across three Bay Area Latina organizations that really focus on building a sisterhood. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, I thought, why not share with you all, three Latina/Hispanic organizations you should take a look at.

ALPFA San Francisco:jo0jo3qg In the last few years, they have picked up their cocktail hours. They not only have panel discussions, but get togethers for drinks. This group brings together Latinos and Latinas but you can come no matter your race or ethnicity. They are a great mingling group and generally want to help people out. One of the members was willing to have informational lunches with my white husband.






Lean In Latinas: This 200+ member group gathers in San Jose, one Saturday a month. The meetings tend to have around 20 people-so it’s a great group to chat and meet up. At the meetings you discuss the latest chapter in Lean In book and continue the conversation with online with a group page. If you are looking for deep conversations and emotional support, this group is for you.



Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley: This group reach is long. They have an amazing advisory board and put on great luncheons. If you are looking to build your network in Silicon Valley, I would check out this group.

Now get out there and mingle.

Hugs and Smiles,