2017 is winding down, and soon we will be in 2018. Some fashion style will come, and some will go. I love watching what becomes popular. Because frankly some things that are popular, I don’t get. Here are two trends, that I do not understand.


Fringe to me is like the loose pieces of fabric that you desperately wanted to save. It does have another dimension to the outfit however it gives every outfit a bit of an indie vibe. That’s great if you go to Coachella every day, all day; but, if you go to a standard 9 to 5 job than fridge might not be office acceptable.


Fisherman Bags:

Fashion that comes out of necessity can sometimes work. But this accessory reminds me of those see-through, plastic backpacks I rocked in middle school. A great novelty piece but not practical. The fisherman bag can hold a lot, but with the wholes, things might fall out. Plus the slouchy design of it can make any outfit look messy and undone.

But 2018 isn’t all bad. We will continue to see long, whimsical, floral dresses that combine a modern world with Victorian romance. As well as trench coats as dresses. No longer will trenchcoats be long and only in khaki. They can be sleeveless, with frills and in all colors. Bring on the fashion and let’s all rock 2018 in our best authentic style.