sex w gent  1

So before you go crazy with the title: Yes I wrote, “gentlemen,” but no, I don’t have sex with men. I have sex with one man. The title is just an artistic choice. OK? We’re good? Good.

We run into gentlemen and Boys all the time. Douches are really good at dressing like gentlemen, but they are not gentlemen. They are just loud little boys. Gentlemen are tired of them. Here is your Gentleman/Boys guide.


  • Are comfortable being alone: They like hanging out with people, but they don’t need to be in a crowd. If they want to go for a run, they can do it solo. They don’t need you 24/7.
  • Show affection: A true gentlemen is comfortable giving kisses and holding hands. They don’t need to be told and they don’t care if their “boys” are looking.
  • Listen to people regardless of gender: In an office or social setting, they will listen to everyone. They don’t need to be a part of the Good Ol Boys club.


  • Need a crowd: Yes, they could be the life of the party. But what happens when the party’s over? Also, why do they need a party? Think about it.
  • Take charge without asking: They always have to be the leader, even if they suck at it.
  • Loves sex/hate kisses: They don’t want you to embarrass them in front of their “boys.”
  • Love alpha males only: They only listen to male management because they generally don’t respect women and they only care about getting ahead.

May you have limited encounters with boys. But they are around, so beware.

Come back next week for  “I Befriend Bossy Women. I Hang Up on Bitches”.

Hugs and Smiles,