The second we wake up, our minds are racing. Did I finish that spreadsheet? Do I need to make reservations for this weekend? Is there going to be traffic? Do I need to talk to my child’s teacher? Did I study enough for the test? Did I pick up my dry cleaning? Being a productive human being is hard. But over the 29 years I have been alive, (cause 29 is so wise, right? ;-)), I have learned that my body needs two things.


Sleep and water. I like to think of these two things as the foundation of my body. Eating right, exercise, little screen time, mental exercise, living a giving life, are all things that build from that foundation. Sleep and water are my essentials.

Your body is a growing organism and needs sleep and water to continue to grow. I realize that I function ten times better, if I get a good amount of sleep and drink water throughout the day. I am so moody, if I am thirsty.



5 Things To Get More Water and Sleep

  • Invest in a good glass water bottle. Let’s be green y’all.
  • A comfortable mattress and pillows will make sleep easier.
  • Turn off all the lights before you fall asleep. Your body needs to know it is time to rest.
  • Drink a glass of water before going to bed and it should be the first thing you drink in the morning. Before coffee!
  • If falling asleep is hard for you. Try moving your exercise routine to the evening.

Hugs and Smiles,