College has opened my eyes numerous times. Not just academically but professionally. Yet, not everyone’s life path includes college. But in this day and age, you do need some of the lessons college teaches you in order to get ahead. Here are two classes I believe everyone should take, and lucky for you, you can find them at a community college for a fraction of the cost a 4-year university would charge.

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Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication: Even if your job is in a warehouse or behind the scenes, and you don’t communicate with the customers, you do communicate with coworkers, partners and supervisors. A basic communication class will teach you your strengths as a communicator. A public speaking course teaches you tone, words, pace, and how to get over your fear when speaking to a crowd. An interpersonal communication course even focuses on how communication works in your relationships. You will focus on the cause of repeated arguments, body language, word choice and tone.

Ethics: You can find an ethics course in the business or philosophy department of any college. Ethics will give you an inside look on what exactly  ethics is, how it works, what your ethical makeup is and how businesses incorporate ethics in their plans. This course will give you a better understanding of why people act the way they do and why companies do what they do. Your colleagues may blame a company that is in the news for unethical behavior, but after this course, you will be able to put yourself in that CEO’s shoes and have a better understanding of why he or she makes the decisions they make.

So grab a notebook, some pens and get to class. May you all move ahead in your careers.