Sheri Nelson, the Founder of The Marketing Shop and I sat down on a cold rainy Tuesday and discussed marketing, starting a new career, and the importance of always growing.

Epifania: What does marketing mean to you?

Sheri Nelson: Marketing is how a business builds a relationship with its customer. Unfortunately, marketing is now looked at as advertising where that relationship has become more focused on the product than the customer.

E: How can a company move from traditional promotions to social media promotions?

SN: Companies that are nervous about taking that leap, should start by combining the two. When businesses see how much more effective and less expensive social media marketing is they’ll be more incline to invest in it and start to leave traditional media.


E: You started a new career in your 50’s. Describe some of the fears you had?

SN: I guess I didn’t look at it as starting over (even though that’s exactly what happened). I looked at it as a segue from my previous career where I did most of the things I’m doing now – just for a different set of clients.
When I started, someone told me the fears don’t go away and she was right. But I have learned that this is common with entrepreneur types which oddly enough makes you feel like you’re a part of a community. My fears are their fears which is hoping your idea connects with others so you can work in a field you’re passionate about and pay the bills.

E: Speaking of The Marketing Shop, how did you come up with services you would provide?

SN: I wanted to work with small businesses and show them that they could have access to marketing like the larger companies especially through social media advertising.

E: Facebook ads? Worth it? If so, how does one do it correctly?

SN: Yes, Facebook ads are effective. There are two billion people active on Facebook. It’s where your customer lives so it’s good to be there with them, right? Doing it correctly, means running ads minimally 2-3 months while testing different creative and target audiences.

E: What is your favorite Instagram account? Facebook business page?

SN: I don’t have a favorite but love the overall experience and connection of scrolling through and seeing all my family and friends and all that they’re doing.

E: How have you maintain your contacts during your career?

SN: The key is to not only be in touch when you need something. Reach out consistently just to visit or to offer something you know they could use.

E: You have multiple clients. How do you maintain all the needs of your clients while having a personal life?

SN: I’m able to work consistently day and night so when it’s time to do something with friends and family I’m comfortable taking that time. I also no longer have an 1+ hour commute to work and home!

E: What is a common marketing mistake you see clients make?

SN: Not engaging in digital media. I get it, they have enough on their plate. But they need to at least know and understand this product because it will eventually be the dominate way to engage customers.

E: What marketing trends are you looking forward to in 2018?
SN: I like the opportunity with Facebook Groups, Membership Groups and LinkedIn. All seem viable in 2018.